why is it that in movies theres a group of straight ppl and then ONE gay person like what kind of homosexual would join an entire pack of heteros on their own who the sweet hell does that 

we are infiltrating and sending a constant stream of data to the Mothergay

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Hair-stories. New Works From Artist Nakeya B.


I love this we work hard on our hair no matter natural braids weave anything we work hard and it’s creativity so dont mock or shame me

Love 💕💫

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One corgi, two corgi, three corgi, four corgi…

Save these pictures before you lose it on your dash

They’re like happy sausages with legs

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90s Black Sitcoms, Ranked

The Cosby Show, what has long been considered the greatest black sitcom of all time, celebrates its 30th anniversary in two weeks. That the show’s legendary run is marked by a return to a more diverse television landscape this fall seems fitting: NBC, ABC, and FOX, along with other networks, will debut a variety of shows that cast minority actors in lead roles (several are women of color). This push for more nuanced programming brings to mind the 1990s, a decade known for its rich portrayal of black life through shows like Living Single and Roc. Here, a completely indisputable ranking of black sitcoms that aired between 1990 and 1999.

See the rest of the list here.

😩 I’m crying

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Hey, White America, You Need To Hear What These Ferguson Kids Have To Say

In a new video from social justice-oriented T-shirt company FCKH8, several Ferguson children lampoon the excuses white people give to avoid getting involved in ending discrimination in America and deliver a call to action to stomp out racism.

Watch the full video and see these kids explain how racism is still a huge part of even getting an interview for a job.

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This honestly made me tear up. Imagining how great he must have felt that his planned worked and choosing that risk paid off.
I also feel like him and the model have such good chemistry, they’re always so kind and loving to one another.

Holy shit what did he do?? That’s rad as hell!

Since the runway was going to have simulated rain, he wanted to make the outfit become colorful because of it rather than deflect it. He sewed dye into the seams and once the rain hit it the dye ran! Very simple but super effective. He was one of the two winners of that challenge.

Absolutely brilliant. Holy shit.

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fave adventure time couples <3 (human au ahahah)

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Reblogging for the last one lmao

He wins the internet

I almost choked…

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thesnowyday: Hi I have a problem. I'm about 99% sure my math teacher hates me because I'm a POC. It seems like all my friends that are also POC that had her hated her, and they felt as if she was extremely mean to them. I just started school so I'm scared how the year will turn out and I'm just really, really scared about what she might do. I'm especially worried about my grades since I'm trying to get into a competitive college and this is my senior year. Any advice??


tell your principal/dean